YEAR 2017 – 2100.

Chapter 1

 2017 – 2100.


The Society these days as they choose to call it is now a place that I am disinterested in. I long to end my very own existence. I must do something, anything, that will bring about closure or aid me to meet my end swiftly. But I am faced with a dilemma to either use my knowledge of the past, present, and future to save us all, or take an easy way out of this mess and be done with this world.

We lost it all. I might be the last of the originals left on this rock. Others, like I, were hunted and massacre weeks after the – homogeneity – cleansing of the already scanty Originals. Now, all that remains are these banal creatures who are an utterly lackluster definition of ‘what it means to be human’. They have no will, they are non-spontaneous, and I am – without doubt – sure that they are incapable of any human affections. We the Originals were right to have called them the Disconnected Ones, however, I have a much simpler and true term to describes them, Zombies.

“It is rather unfortunate that I alone know the secret to save them, and even more depressing to ponder upon considering that I am presently at war with demons; some of my own, others of this nasty rock. The solution, she said, is to accept “Him” and “Become his warrior” – sounds tempting and a little too easy. But I can assure you that it is not, otherwise, you will not be reading my journal now.”

My great-grandmother told tales of the first Earth, its beauty, and its horrors. Among-st her plentiful tales was the solution to this problems. You will read this secrete in this entry or my future entries. On her death-bed, she spoke of how Earth – what we call G-ct-v-j or Earth #1 on this rock – met its demise. Pay close attention because if you are reading this, I might have displaced this journal, failed to restore things to order, or …”it is safe to assume the worst may have happened to me, at which point you may need to shoulder my mantle”, he muttered those words as he continued his entry.

She said, “It was late December of the year 2017, the tension between North Korea, and South Korea of Earth # 1 reached its climax rousing a war we all thought was normal. Two days after the war begun, neighboring countries joined in the war and it soon spread like wild-fire across the continent. In less than 14 days, the war had spewed past the continent on which it begun into the Western Fronts.” She said, “The United States, Germany, and Russia were the first to declared war on each other in the western fronts.” It was loud and frightening, all the happening; all became silent on the 25th of December. ‘Why did they become silent?’ I reluctantly asked as if I cared much for the tale. To me, it seemed like a fabulous tale she would tell us as children to scare us to bed during the holiday nights. Besides, then, I could not conceptualize the words “Countries” or “Continent”. All I have known and will ever know is this rock’s megalopolis and it stratum, yet she described those things so fancifully.

Of course, this tale is different from others she had told us, but I struggled to believe it since I no longer was a gullible child with an overactive imagination. However, deep-seated in me, I could sense some verisimilitude in this story. Perhaps it was because I pitied her as she was looking almost lifeless in her bed, I was ambivalent until she whispered, “listen boy! There is hope and you are it. You are the last of us [who is] strong enough to fix things, but you must first learn of the past to fix the present and…” with a smile as she reached to pinched my cheeks, “the future”. Her words carried so much life that it reassured me of a possible better future than this; so one last time like I did with my sibling as children, I simply shut-up and drew closer to listen to her story. Somehow, I couldn’t shake my curiosity to make sense of what she meant in the act of pinching my cheek before saying “The future.” Her narrative continued:

Four months earlier before Earth #1 destruction, the Confluence Watchmen team broke the code. They had somehow broken the unfathomable-fabric between the metaphysical and the meta-dimensional connecting the, time, space, and all existing dimension – the spirit realm as she described it. We the demos of the world did not know why they did or even how they did so. But their success brought us famine, war, and death!… with a down tone in her voice, she tearfully said,”Millions of people died, and infants, infants, infants…”,… at this point, Nana kept on looping the word “Infants”. Although her aged voice masked the intention of her looping that it seemed like a warning, I knew better. I could sense that Nana was more than a mere witness of war, she was traumatized by all that experience, and I also suspect that whatever happened must have included a pandemic infanticide. Suddenly, she gripped me by my shoulder and said with tremor both in her voice and her body she continued…”the sky opened, and we saw it.” What Nana, ‘what did you see?’ My heart was doing a 360 and I began to know fear once again. Nana passed into a state of Syncope, It was then I noticed how gaunt her body was and that she was soaked in her own sweat. likewise I, making two terribly afraid adults in this dark cellar. What could scare the oldest woman alive on this rock? I asked myself…

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