Mindfullness (Moving image) | Time-lapse

Either you are working 9-5 pm, or 5 to midnight (you should not be doing the latter) it is safe to assume that you never get the chance to see just how beautiful and transcendental a sunset in the late summer is. Here is my humble attempt to bring one to you everyday, if you fancy.

The process of taking a time-lapse video is daunting even with some of the most sophisticated tools. So how do you get this shot on your phone hassle free?

You will need this listed items and app:

  1. Stabilize. I use the Smooth Q
  2. A tripod
  3. and one of these apps Zy Play, Simple interverlCam or Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Since this in not a blog post, I’ll leave it you my wise audience to poll if you would like to learn the entire process of making a mobile time-lapse.

Do you want something more? why not spell your request in the "something more?" tab below, and wait for the magic.

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