As creators, we struggle to make meaning of the works we produce. This is by no means different from the struggle of an average joe. From fitting into new spaces, resolving our internal conflict, to finding our goal in life. All these and more are the very essence reflected in the contents we produces. They help us know who we are, and what we value in our creations. In that regards, here are some of my most recent project showcasing a struggle for identity and, of course, this would not be perfect without the added twist of a gently-used conflict known to most as the The Greater Good (A term used in philosophy and existentialism) .

You will be surprised to know how I achieved this look. For the most part, it all starts by loving what you do and thinking like a professional. Then tools for the job will conform to your will if you are as stubborn as I am. I messed around with the ISO and shutter speed a lot, and each picture was taking in its original color: underexposed, pale (flat or log), and in a dark room not with a black Back-drop. I know a black back drop can produce a similar look, maybe even better. But I do not have that in my arsenal so it was out of the question. Lighten as usual was the splinter in my work, since I do have nor am I ready to purchase any expensive lighting kit, it was left for me to improvise using the mini led lights that come with the Insignia Mobile Photography Kit. As usual, I’ll give you the applications that I used: Open Camera, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (Mobile and desktop app). But the process and steps for shooting this requires a dedicated blog post. And if that is needed for you, leave a comment below. I’ll ready that as soon as possible just for you!



Want to learn how I made the is? Leave a comment below, and ill forward you the steps.


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